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Do This ONE THING To Stay Healthy Now


We’re Glad To Help You Stay Healthy Now

We reached out to all of our suppliers to give them the heads up that we need supplies!  And guess what?  They were thrilled to help us!

We are on a mission to help you stay healthy by meeting your needs and exceeding your expectations.  We are grateful YOU give us the opportunity to provide you with organic soap made from extra virgin olive oil and organic essential oils.


One of the smartest things you can do to stay healthy is WASH YOUR HANDS!  Did you know  antibacterial soap isn’t any better at removing  germs and bacteria than regular soap.  So why put your hands through all that misery?

It’s So Simple!

Using a detergent-free soap like Penns Hill Organic Olive Oil Soap won’t strip your hands and body of all your natural oils.  Keeping your skin soft and supple will reduce cracking and drying caused by harsh detergents and hand sanitizers.

These are challenging times.  So, be kind to yourself, your skin and your loved ones.

You will find the best selection and pricing on our website’s shop, Click here!

Please reach out if you need anything, have questions, or even need human contact!  Thank you for your loyalty, we appreciate it.

Penn’s Hill Organic Soap Company
Soap so gentle, your skin will thank you!

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