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Liquid and Bar Olive Oil Soap With Natural Glycerin

Imagine  – organic liquid and bar olive oil soap with natural glycerin!  Olive oil soap handmade from certified organic extra virgin olive oil! Authentic castile soap is made from extra virgin unfiltered olive oil, not a blend of oils.  By using the highest quality organic ingredients, and following an authentic step by step formula, the result is a superior product where the natural glycerin is retained.

Our Ingredient List is Short

We make all our soaps from only one carrier oil – organic extra virgin olive oil.  You will not find a blend of oils in our soap.  It is free of nut products, coconut and palm oils.  It is not tested on animals.  No animal products used.  Paraben free. All natural soap.  Dye free. Cruelty free.  Vegan soap. Detergent free. Made with pride in the USA. Penns Hill Organic Soap Company Quincy Massachusetts.

New!  Liquid Olive Oil Soap in Half Gallon Size!

Our customer’s love our liquid organic olive oil soap.  Today it is our most popular product.  Now you can buy it in 8 ounce, quart, half gallon (new!) and gallon containers.  For a limited time, free shipping when you buy 2 quarts, 1 half-gallon or 1 gallon!*  Check out our shop for more information.

We don’t just make castile olive oil soap, we make castile soap better.

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