What’s in your soap?

Ivory soap is full of hot air.  Really.  That’s why it floats!  Now, air is gentle,  but does it moisturize your skin?  Do you feel pampered or irritated?

There is a reason the “green movement” is sweeping the country, from grass roots Farmer’s Markets to large scale industries, you are not alone if you are concerned about toxins in your environment.  Arsenic in apple juice?  Where does that come from.

Start reading labels for everything you put on, in and around you.  If you can’t pronounce an ingredient on your product label, chances are it won’t benefit you to expose yourself to it.  Know the difference between terms.  For example “fragrance” usually means an artificial perfume while “essential oil” is the natural essence of the plant.  Sometimes you have to look under the hood, even for simple things like shampoo, soap and dishwashing liquid.  Do you want your shampoo and body soap to contain detergent or artificial moisturizers?  Probably not.  If you want to reduce or eliminate toxins in your personal environment, look for pure, natural ingredients.  You know what they say – “garbage in, garbage out”.


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