Unscented Organic Castile Bar Soap With Organic Oats 4 Pack

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Exfoliating unscented castile soap with organic extra virgin olive oil, certified organic oats, handmade, luxury bar soap

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This is a 4 Pack of Organic Soap With Organic Oats

New!  Unscented Organic Castile Bar Soap With Organic Oats.  You deserve to treat yourself to handmade scent-free non-toxic castile soap made from certified organic extra virgin olive oil. The subtle blend of organic oats will soothe your winter dry skin by providing a very gentle way to exfoliate and slough away rough dry layers of skin caused by the harshness of winter.  The properties in oats have been used for many years to sooth irritated skin and aid in healing.  Try it!  Give your skin a spa day experience.

Why Organic Olive Oil

Customers ask why Penns Hill Organic Castile Olive Oil Bar Soap makes their skin feel so soft. Well, according to the International Olive Oil Council (IOOC) extra virgin olive oil, which is technically juice, contains a handful of super nutrients, including vitamin E, essential fatty acids, and powerful anti-oxidants such as polyphenols that help prevent damage to cells caused by free radical oxidation.  By using only olive oil instead of a blend, the result is a  gentle bar soap that moisturizes and pampers the skin.  You will not find any artificial coloring, synthetic perfume or chemicals you can’t pronounce in our soaps. Your skin is enveloped in rich natural emollients that cleanse and pamper your skin. Organic Castile Olive Oil Bar Soap can be used for shaving. Simply glide the dampened bar over your skin or use a shaving brush. You will be treated to a moisturizing veil instead of foam that helps you get a close shave while reducing irritation.

Ingredients: Certified organic extra virgin olive oil (saponified), water, certified organic oats. 5 Oz (140g).  Bars are handmade, weight may vary.

Unscented Organic Castile Bar Soap with Organic Oats is proudly made in the USA.  Non Toxic, Scent free, Cruelty free, perfume free, paraben free.  All our products do not contain coconut oil, palm oil or nut products.

Weight24 oz
Dimensions7.5 × 8.5 × 1.5 in
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