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May is MCS Awareness Month


May is MCS Awareness Month.

Have you heard of “MCS”? “MCS” stands for “Multiple Chemical Sensitivity”. While researching case studies related to the need for scent-frScent-Free Liquid Organic Soapee products, I came across the website It is packed with useful information about the importance of less toxic living. Great information for anyone
living with chemical sensitivities. Until reviewing the articles on this site, I had no idea CS and MCS was such a widespread problem. Now I understand why our unscented liquid and unscented bar organic olive oil castile soaps are so popular and continue to be our best sellers.  According to the website

“…Multiple chemical sensitivity (MCS) affects over 48 million men, women, and children of all races.  Even though MCS is of widespread epidemic prevalence, public awareness of the toxicity … and ways to manage and accommodate MCS remains limited. …many organizations are working to improve awareness and appropriate healthcare around the world.” 

Throughout the month of May, Penns Hill Soap Company will be posting research and information to support the mission of MCS Awareness Month. We will share some “rules” you may want to follow if you are interested in reducing toxins in your personal space.

Rule #1 – Read Labels

So today, let’s talk about “rule #1” to reduce your personal chemical footprint – read the labels of the products you buy and use. You may be surprised at the lengthy list of chemicals added to soaps.  Almost all of the chemicals are not needed to produce real soap.  Many health and beauty products are laden with chemicals that may be harmful to our health.  In soaps, certain chemicals are added to promote some kind of attribute or property that we think we need to get clean.

Common chemicals found in most (if not all) commercially produced soaps are detergents called sodium lauryl sulfate (SLS) or sodium laureth sulfate (SLES).  SLS or SLES are added to soap to produce a rich lather and/or bubbles.  Lather may seem nice but it’s not needed for cleaning. Detergents strip the skin of its natural oils making it easier for other chemicals to penetrate your largest organ.  Is a bubbly lather worth the risk?  Think of it as leaving your front door open, letting anything enter your home at will.

Keep it Simple

When shopping for personal care products like soap, look for high quality natural ingredients.  We invite you to read our organic castile soap labels.  We hand craft our unscented liquid and bar soap from saponified certified organic extra virgin olive oil and water.  That’s it, simple natural soap.  Because it is free of detergent and preservatives, you will not see a lot of bubbles.  What you will experience is a gentle cleansing that leaves your skin soft from head to toe. If real simple soaps are what you are looking for, please visit our website at:  For more information about MCS Awareness Month, check out

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