Nurturing skin at any age is about proper hydration and gentle cleansing. Our soaps contain no harsh chemicals that will dry your skin. Just soothing ingredients that nurture you, naturally!

We use one oil in our soap, and one oil only – certified organic extra virgin olive oil. Why do we only use extra virgin olive oil and not blends like our competitors? When we stumbled on the recipe for authentic castile soap, we were intrigued by the fascinating history behind the product. Once we tried our first bar, we were hooked on the gentle way it moisturizes and pampers your skin, so we decided to remain true to the original formula.

After experiencing the quality of our bar soaps, our customers started asking if we could make a liquid version of organic castile soap. After spending a lot of time developing a product that met our quality standards, we are happy to say our liquid organic castile soap is our best selling product. We researched what others were doing and discovered many recipes for handmade or DIY liquid soap were either made from a prefabricated base or from a bar of soap that was liquified. Like our bar soap process, our base is handmade in small batches. And, like our bar soap we only use certified organic extra virgin olive oil as the carrier oil. You will not find a blend of oils like our competitors. All our products are vegan and cruelty free.